fondazione Rodolfo DeBenedetti


Fondazione Ing.Rodolfo Debenedetti was founded in 1998 as an independent non-profit research institute dedicated to the memory of Rodolfo Debenedetti (1892-1991), father of Franco Debenedetti and Carlo De Benedetti.

Our purpose is to promote applied and policy oriented research on labour markets and welfare systems in Europe. Specifically, we support research activities and organize events on the following main topics:

  • The reform of public pension systems in light of demographic trends and the ongoing transformation of capital markets and of the political economy limits tof the reforms;
  • The causes of European unemployment, its social costs and the political feasibility of strategies aimed at liberalising EU labour markets;
  • The co-ordination of social and immigration policies in the European Union as a precondition for effective labour mobility across EU countries;
  • The dynamics of poverty and inequalities and the role played in this respect by the welfare systems.

We also offer updated datasets on social policy reforms and EU labour markets. These resources can be useful to researchers and students working on dissertations in these fields. If you are interested, please visit the dedicated page.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at