INPS Data: Veneto Workers Histories (VWH)

INPS Data: Veneto Workers Histories (VWH)

Dataset from INPS administrative archives

4 March 2015

Giuseppe Tattara

The database is extracted from the INPS (Istituto Nazionale di Previdenza Sociale) administrative archives and includes the entire population of the firms in the private sector within the Italian provinces of Treviso and Vicenza during the period 1975/2001 and each worker employed by these firms regardless of his/her residence or origin. Agriculture and public administration sectors are excluded, as well as other public services whose pensions are not managed by INPS. Firms not employing any worker are also excluded.

Each individual is followed for the whole working life, even when hired by a firm operating outside the considered geographical area.


The database includes three separate linkable datasets:


  1. Registry archive (anagr.dta): it is the register of the workers, including an anonymous personal identifier and basic demographic information about each individuals in the data
  2. Contribution archive (contr.dta): it includes information about each year of contribution of the individual during the period 1975/2001.
  3. Firms archive (azien.dta): it collects some information about the firms in the data, including the tax code (Codice Fiscale). The tax code is a key information for matching the data with other existing datasets.


Credits and citations

The database was developped by Giuseppe Tattara (Università di Venezia). Please quote the data source in any research outcome by specifying “Dataset developed by the Economics Department in Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia under the supervision of Giuseppe Tattara”.




Access to the data

In order to access the dataset, it is necessary to fill and sign the attached form and send it to