Reddito Minimo d’Inserimento in Genova and Rovigo

Reddito Minimo d’Inserimento in Genova and Rovigo

individual microdata on Reddito Minimo di Inserimento

30 May 2005



This database contains individual level microdata on the beneficiaries of the first ever social experiment in Italy, the Reddito Minimo di Inserimento. At present, data refer only to two out of 39 Italian municipalities involved in the experiment: Genova and Rovigo.

The data for Genova cover the first two years of the experiment (from April 1999 to December 2000). The data for Rovigo, instead, describe all families that entered the RMI program during the entire period of the experiment, from 1st January 1999 to 31st December 2002.

The data and the documentation are in Italian.

Credits: we wish to thank the municipalities of Genova and Rovigo for their kind willingness to make these data available to the research community. Simona Baldi and Daniele Bernardinelli collected and prepared the data.

Access to the data

These data can be accessed freely upon registration (fRDB will forward all requests for data usage to the municipalities for its registered users). The data files are password protected while the legends of the data can be inspected freely.