The INPS data-archive at Bocconi University – fRDB

The INPS data-archive at Bocconi University – fRDB

26 October 2006


Università Bocconi
Via Sarfatti 25, Milano
Room N22 (Velodromo)


The Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti, jointly with the “Carlo F. Dondena” Centre for Social Dynamics Research, has recently hired Orietta Dessy as responsible of the data archive. She will give a seminar presenting the first release of INPS data at Bocconi University – fRDB, which will be made accessible to researchers soon. A user manual explaining how the data have been organised, and providing documentation on the available variables, will be presented.

Moreover, on Monday 9 October, during the 3rd Italian Stata Users Group Meeting in Rome, she will give a presentation entitled “A Stata procedure for the de-duplication of individual records: The INPS archive case” about how to deal with the problem of duplication of individuals in surveys or administrative data, due to reporting errors. The procedure makes use of a number of control variables, chosen by the researcher for coherence controls. As an application, the case of the INPS demographic archive is examined.