Professional Dynasties

Professional Dynasties

4 July 2011


Università Bocconi
Via Sarfatti 25, Milan
Room 1


The workshop focused on two recent studies on licensed professions (“Ordini professionali”) in Italy. The authors provided evidence on the relevance of family connections and entry barriers in the sector of professional services. They discussed the impact of family networks and strict barriers to entry on the quality of professional services. They also investigated differences across professions and over time, especially as a consequence of the 2006 reform (the so-called “Riforma Bersani”). The workshop was held in Italian.




During the workshop two studies were presented:


  • “Family ties and access to licenced professions in Italy”
    by Michele Pellizzari (Università Bocconi e fRDB), Gaetano Basso (fRDB), Andrea Catania (fRDB), Giovanna Labartino (Università di Padova e fRDB), Davide Malacrino (fRDB) e Paola Monti (fRDB)
  • “Liberalizing Professional Services: Evidence from Italian Lawyers”, by Giovanni Pica (Università di Salerno) e Michele Pellizzari (Università Bocconi e fRDB)


Presentations were followed by a final panel discussion:


“Liberalizzare le professioni in Italia”


Chair: Tito Boeri (Università Bocconi and fRDB)



  • Luigi Casero (Sottosegretario Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze)
  • Pier Luigi Bersani (Segretario PD, ex-Ministro dello Sviluppo Economico)
  • Mario Monti (Presidente Università Bocconi)


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After the workshop, we receveid many comments on the contents of the report. Some of the are included in the press review.


The authors’ answer (in Italian) is reported at this link.