European Women at Work

European Women at Work

V European Conference

21 June 2003

Chiostro di San Francesco, Alghero

The Fourth Annual Conference discussed several issues related to women in the labour market.
Opening addresses were given by the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs, Anna Diamantopoulou, who sent a videomessage, by the Mayor of Alghero, Marco Tedde, by the President of the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Regione Sardinia, Anna Maria Aloi, and by the President of the Fondazione Rodolfo Debendetti, Mr Carlo De Benedetti.
The conference was introduced by the presentation of results from a unique survey, carried out by Demoskopea in cooperation with the Fondazione RODOLFO DEBENEDETTI, that investigates causes of the observed underutilisation of childcare services in Italy.

The discussion was based on two reports, prepared by two teams of experts, under the supervision of the Fondazione.

The first group studied the macroeconomics of female market participation. The group was co-ordinated Christopher Pissarides (London School of Economics), worked with Pietro Garibaldi (Bocconi University and Fondazione RDB), Claudia Olivetti (Boston University), Barbara Petrongolo (London School of Economics) and Etienne Wasmer (Ecares, Université Libre de Brussels).

The second team studied the microeconomics of female market participation and the interaction with demographic dimensions. The co-ordinator of this group was Daniela Del Boca (CHILD – Center for Household, Income Labor and Demographics and University of Turin). The members of the second Team were Rolf Aaberge (Research Department Statistics, Norway), Ugo Colombino (University of Turin), John Ermisch (University of Essex), Marco Francesconi (University of Essex), Silvia Pasqua (University of Turin) and Steinar Strøm (University of Oslo and University of Turin).

The proceedings of the conference have been published by Oxford University Press in the volume Women at Work. An Economic Prospective.