V Workshop of the Fellows and Affiliates

fRDB Fellows and Affiliates Workshop

Fifth Edition, Bologna

5 June 2015

Università di Bologna
Piazza Scaravilli 2, Bologna
Dipartimento Scienze Economiche, Seminar Room DSE

Morning Session


Chair: Michele Pellizzari (University of Geneva and fRDB)


10:00-10:50 The effect of more science in high school on university major choices

Presenta: Marta De Philippis (Banca d’Italia, LSE and fRDB)
Discussant: Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica di Milano)

10:50-11:40 Wage Compression within the Firm

Presenter: Domenico Tabasso (University of Geneva and fRDB)
Discussant: Giulio Zanella (Università di Bologna)



11:40-12:10 COFFEE BREAK



12:10-13:00 Skills and wage inequality. Evidence from PIAAC

Presenter: Marco Paccagnella (OECD)
Discussant: Marco Leonardi (Università degli Studi di Milano and fRDB)


13:00-14:30 LUNCH



Afternoon session

Chair: Paolo Pinotti (Università Bocconi and fRDB)


14:30-15:20 The Economic Roots of Politically-Motivated Violence: Evidence from the Irish Rebellion

Presenter: Battista Severgnini (Copenhagen Business School and fRDB)
Discussant: Matteo Cervellati (Università di Bologna)


15:20-16:10 The effects of a healthcare management consulting intervention on the quality of care at primary healthcare centers in Nigeria: A field experiment

Presenter: Mario Macis (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and fRDB)
Discussant: Giacomo De Giorgi (Federal Reserve Bank of New York and fRDB)



16:10-16:40 COFFEE BREAK



16:40-17:30 Social Ties in Academia: a friend is a Treasure

Presenter: Tommaso Colussi (IZA and fRDB)
Discussant: Gaetano Basso (University of California Davis and fRDB)


17:30-18:20 Unions and The Allocation of Teachers: Evidence from Wisconsin

Presenter: Barbara Biasi (Stanford University and fRDB)
Discussant: Vittorio Bassi (University College of London and fRDB)