II Workshop of the Fellows and Affiliates

fRDB Fellows and Affiliates Workshop

Second Edition, Milan

16 June 2012

Bocconi University, Room 5-E4-SR04 – Via Roentgen 1, Milan

This is the second workshop dedicated to the fRDB Fellows and Affiliates. They are mainly researchers in the area of welfare and labour economics whose research activities overlap with the interests of Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti. Many of them are young economists who worked (or are currently working) with the Fondazione RDB. Some of them completed their PhDs in the world’s best universities, others have obtained jobs at top institutions, many have published in good journals and all have produced very interesting pieces of research.

During the meeting, they presented several studies related to the core fRDB research topics, such as labor markets, welfare policies and international economics. Each study was discussed by another scholar. The workshop was organized into three sections:

FIRST SESSION: chairman Michele Pellizzari (OECD, Università Bocconi e fRDB)

  • Francesco Fasani (IAE-CSIC, MOVE and fRDB) Does crime affect mental wellbeing? (with Christian Dustmann)
    Discussant: Carlo Devillanova (Università Bocconi and fRDB)
  • Tommaso Colussi (Queen Mary University of London and fRDB) Migrant Networks and Job Search Outcomes: Evidence from Displaced Workers
    Discussant: Paola Monti (fRDB)

SECOND SESSION: chairman Tito Boeri (Università Bocconi and fRDB)

  • Domenico Tabasso (University of Melbourne and fRDB) Trust: The Role of Culture, Institutions and Economic Conditions (with Julie Moschion)
    Discussant: Giovanna Labartino (IRVAPP e fRDB)
  • Giovanna D’Adda (Università Bocconi and fRDB) Institutions, Culture and Economic Exchange (with Alessera Cassar and Pauline Grosjean)
    Discussant: Claudio Lucifora (Università Cattolica, Milan and fRDB)

THIRD SESSION: chairman Marco Leonardi (University of Milan and fRDB)

  • Massimo Anelli (UC Davis and fRDB) Do High School Classmates Affect the Choice of College Major? (with Giovanni Peri)
    Discussant: Marta De Philippis (London School of Economics and fRDB)
  • Battista Severgnini (Copenhagen Business School and fRDB) Evidence on the Impact of Education on Innovation and Productivity (with Martin Jungea and Eers Sørensen)
    Discussant: Annaig Morin (Università Bocconi and fRDB)
  • Mattia Makovec (Chilean Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Centre for Applied Economics, University of Chile and fRDB) Heterogeneous Ability and Returns to Meatory Schooling: Evidence from Chile’s 1965 School Reform
    Discussant: Marco Paccagnella (Banca d’Italia and fRDB)