I Workshop of the Fellows and Affiliates

fRDB Fellows and Affiliates Workshop

First Edition, Milan

13 June 2011


Università Bocconi
Via Roentgen 1, Milan
Room E4-SR03 (second floor)

This is the first workshop dedicated to the fRDB Fellows and Affiliates. They are maily researchers in the area of welfare and labour economics whose research activities overlap with the interests of Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti. Many of them are young economists who worked (or are currently working) with the Fondazione RDB. Some of them completed their PhDs in the world’s best universities, others have obtained jobs at top institutions, many have published in good journals and all have produced very interesting pieces of research.

During the meeting, they will present several studies related to the core fRDB research topics, such as labor markets, welfare policies and international economics. Each study will be discussed by another scholar. The workshop is organized into three sections:

  • First morning session – Chair: Tito Boeri (fRDB and Bocconi University)
    Pietro Biroli (fRDB and University of Chicago) will present the study “Health, Cognition and Personality formation in Young Children”, discussed by Lucia Corno (fRDB and University College of London). Randolph Bruno (fRDB e Birmingham Business School) will present the study “Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Performance: A Systematic Review of the Evidence Uncovers a New Paradox” (with Nauro Campos), discussed by Gaia Narciso (fRDB and Trinity College Dublin)
  • Second morning session – Chair: Pietro Garibaldi (fRDB and University of Turin).
    Mario Macis (fRDB and Johns Hopkins University) will present the study “The impact of Female CEOs on Firm Performance: Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee data” (with Luca Flabbi and Fabiano Schivardi), discussed by Giovanni Pica (fRDB and University of Salerno). Michela Braga (fRDB and University of Milano) will present the study “Does physical appearance matter? Overweight and labor market discrimination” (with Giovanna Labartino), discussed by Giacomo De Giorgi (fRDB and Stanford University)
  • Afternoon session – Chair: Michele Pellizzari (fRDB and Bocconi University).
    Antonio Mele (fRDB and University of Oxford) will present the study “Unemployment insurance, human capital and financial markets”, discussed by Nicola Pavoni (fRDB and University College of London). Annaig Morin (fRDB and Bocconi University) will present the study “Rising procyclicality of wages: what role for trade unions?”, discussed by Claudio Lucifora (fRDB and Cattolica University). Rosario Crinò (fRDB and University of Brescia) will present the study “Productivity, Quality, and Export Behavior” (with Paolo Epifani), discussed by Marco Leonardi (fRDB and University of Milan).

During the workshop there will be a morning coffee break and lunch. Everyone who is willing to participate (Fellows, Affiliates and others) may register by sending an e-mail to info@frdb.org.