Public Sector Jobs

Public Sector Jobs

XXII European Conference

17 October 2020


Università Bocconi
Live streamed conference

The Covid-19 crisis has placed the State and the role of public sector at the hearth of the political debate. During the conference, a panel of international experts will focus on public employment and public service provision, such as education, health and government services.

Welcome addresses by Carlo De Benedetti (President fRDB) and Giuseppe Sala (Mayor of Milan).

Three reports will be presented, coordinated respectively by Daniele Checchi (University of Milan), Pietro Garibaldi (University of Turin) and Gilberto Turati (Catholic University).

The first two presentations will focus on the size and composition of the public sector across OECD countries. They will highlight key facts linked to the labour market dimension of public employment, such as the structure of wages, incentive schemes and collective bargaining. Empirical evidence on public versus private employees will be also provided. A selected series of case studies will focus on the Italian public sector. The third presentation will focus on the coordination of health systems at European level.

At the end of the conference, a round table will be held to discuss the main economic policy implications of these studies. Speakers at the round table: Francesco Giavazzi (Università Bocconi), Maria Vittoria Marongiu (Director of the Bargaining Division 1, ARAN) and Ernesto Maria Ruffini (Director, Agenzia delle Entrate).

For further details of the event, see the attached program.


Watch again all interventions from Public Sector Jobs – XXII European Conference:


Welcome Addresses | Tito Boeri, Carlo Debenedetti, Beppe Sala


Panel 1 | The Economics of Public Employment | Pietro Garibaldi, Pedro M. Gomes, Carlo Cottarelli, Juan J. Dolado


Panel 2 | Working in the Public Sector | Claudio Lucifora, Alessandra Casarico, Raffaela Giordano


Panel 3 | Lessons from Covid-19 for EU Health Policies | Gilberto Turati, Massimo Bordignon


Roundtable | Tito Boeri, Francesco Giavazzi, Maria Vittoria Marongiu, Ernesto Maria Ruffini