Immigration in OECD Countries: Economic Aspects of Immigration

Immigration in OECD Countries: Economic Aspects of Immigration

Fifth OECD-CEPII-fRDB Annual Conference

11 December 2015

OECD Conference Centre, Paris

The OECD, the CEPII (the French Research Centre in International Economics), the research team LEM of Lille University, G-MonD (the research group from Paris School of Economics), Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti, the University of Luxemburg and IRES (Université Catholique de Louvain) are jointly organising the 5th Annual Conference on “Immigration in OECD Countries” on 11 December 2015.
The conference will examine the economic aspects of international migration in OECD countries by mapping the migratory flows and defining their socio-economic determinants and consequences. The conference will also shed light on issues related to migrants residing in OECD countries such as their labour market outcomes, their selection, the transferability of their skills, etc. The keynote speaker of this year is Alberto Alesina (Harvard University), who will discuss the long-term implications of recent migration flows to the social and redistributive policies in European countries.

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