Long-term socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic

XXIII European Conference
Milan – Università Bocconi and on-line
Language: English (with simultaneous translation in Italian)

9 October 2021

12:00 – 18:00

Will the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis extend beyond the short-term health risks of a pandemic? Will the economic difficulties faced by a large portion of the population during the recession have consequences in the years to come? Are school closures and delayed access to the job market for youngsters likely to negatively condition the future educational, health and career trajectories of today’s younger generations?

During the conference, a panel of international experts will focus on these questions, trying to provide an answer based on the empirical evidence they have been collecting in their research.

The conference will be opened by a welcome speech from Carlo De Benedetti (President fRDB).

The first presentation, “The Legacy of COVID-19 in Education”, will focus on the heterogeneous impacts of school closures in Germany on the educational performance of low- and high-achieving students. The second presentation, “Students without schools and women without work: the legacy of Covid-19 in Italy”, will analyse the performance of students and the gender inequalities in the labour market following school closures in Italy, also in the light of the parental support policies adopted in the country. The third presentation, “Midlife Impact of Graduating in a Recession”, will discuss the long-term effects of entering the job market during a recession.

The presentations will be followed by a round table to discuss what the policy implications are and which steps have been undertaken so far in Italy to mitigate the risks these studies point to.

Speakers at the round table: Patrizio Bianchi (Minister of Education), Elena Bonetti (Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family) and Roberto Ricci (President Invalsi).

For further details on the event, see the attached program.