Pension Planning in Italy and the Netherlands

Pension Planning in Italy and the Netherlands

25 October 2007

Hotel Exedra
Piazza della Repubblica 47, Rome

Keynote speakers:
  • Jaap Maassen, Chairman European Federation for Retirement Provision (EFRP)
  • Marcello Messori, President of Assogestioni
  • Henk Brouwer, Executive Director of the Dutch Central Bank
  • Ignazio Visco, Vice Director General of the Italian Central Bank
  • Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Chairman Social and Economic Council (SER)

Many European countries have to deal with demographic change and its effect on their national pension systems and long-term fiscal posture. With increasing longevity and declining birth rates, the number of workers for each retiree is falling. This trend forces both governments and pension funds to look for sustainable solutions.

In Italy, action has been taken with new regulation that aims at growth of the second and third pillar systems. In the Netherlands, after a long tradition of Defined Benefit (DB) orientation, pension funds now develop new Defined Contribution (DC) solutions. Coming from different traditions in pension saving, Italy and the Netherlands share current challenges with regard to ageing and sustainable pensions. These developments create new questions for policymakers and pension funds directors in respect of regulation, pension plan design, choice of financial instruments and information technology.

Main topics of conference are:

  • Sustainable pension innovations from an European perspective;
  • The current pension situations in both countries;
  • How to work in the best interest of participants;
  • Combine the challenges for Italian government with solutions from financial markets.

This conference offers an independent floor for pension fund directors, policymakers and other experts to discuss innovation in pension systems and the best solutions for their participants in both The Netherlands and Italy.


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Cordares (a Dutch pension fund provider specialised in pensions management, income protection insurance and asset management) and Netspar (Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement in The Netherlands) in close cooperation with Assogestioni (Italian association of asset managers) and Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti.

The conference is in Italian/English and simultaneous translation is present.