XI Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture – Christian Dustmann

The Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration

XI Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

13 October 2016


Bocconi University

Room N03 (Velodromo) – Piazza Sraffa


Christian Dustmann (University College London and Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration)

Introduction: Carlo Devillanova (Università Bocconi)

Christian Dustmann, Professor of Economics at University College London, will hold the XI Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture about “The Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration”.

Professor Christian Dustmann will provide a comprehensive review and analysis of refugee migration, with emphasis on the current refugee crisis. He will describe the key features of the current refugee crisis and document the overall magnitudes and types of refugee movements, illegal border crossings, and asylum applications to EU member states. He will demonstrate that, despite numerous attempts at developing a common European asylum policy, EU countries continue to differ widely in interpretation and implementation. He will then discuss the economics of refugee migration, contrasting economic and refugee migrants, discussing the trade-offs between long-term asylum and temporary protection, and highlighting the economic advantages of increasingly coordinating the different national asylum policies. Drawing on recent research, he will illustrate the implications of refugee settlement for the rise of populist parties. He will provide an outlook of future migration challenges Europe faces, and end with some policy conclusions.


Christian Dustmann is Director of the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM), current President of the European Society of Labour Economists (EALE), and former scientific director of the Norface programme on migration, a large international and interdisciplinary research network on migration. He is also a research fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) and a research associate of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS). Professor Dustmann is a leading labour economist, having widely published in the areas of migration, education, and the labour market. He regularly advises government bodies and international organizations on current policy issues.