X Workshop of the fRDB Fellows and Affiliates

Workshop of the fRDB Fellows and Affiliates

Tenth edition, Milan

16 October 2020

Università Bocconi
Via Roentgen 1, Milan
Room 4-E4-SR03

Morning Session
9:20-09:30    Welcome address

09:30-10:25: The Effect of Weather on the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 and the Mediation Role of Social Behaviour
Presenter:  Simone Ferro (Queen Mary University of London and fRDB) and Chiara Serra (EUI and fRDB
Discussant Marta De Philippis (Bank of Italy and fRDB)

                    10:25-10:50       COFFEE BREAK

10:50-11:45  The real effects of land use regulation: quasi-experimental evidence from a discontinuous policy variation
Presenter:  Marco Leonardi (University of Milan and fRDB)
Discussant: Michela Braga (Universita’ Bocconi and fRDB)

11:45-12:40   Flexible Wages, Bargaining, and the Gender Gap
                Presenter: Barbara Biasi (Yale School of Management and fRDB)
Discussant: Chiara Serra (EUI and fRDB)

                     12:40-13:45       LUNCH

Afternoon session
13:45-14:40   The World’s Rust Belts
Presenter: Michel Serafinelli (Essex University and fRDB)
Discussant: Paolo Pinotti (Bocconi University and fRDB)
14:40-15:35   Minimum Wages and Within-Firm Wage Inequality
Presenter: Giulia Giupponi (Bocconi University and fRDB)
Discussant: Gaetano Basso (Bank of Italy and fRDB)

15:35-15:55       COFFEE BREAK

15:55-16:50   Health-care systems and mortality during viral outbreaks.
Presenter: Giuseppe Ragusa (University of Pisa and fRDB)
Discussant: Giacomo De Giorgi (Geneva University and fRDB)
16:50-17:45   Genetics and Health Insurance: How Genes and Insurance Status Affect Smoking Decisions after Health Shocks
Presenter: Pietro Biroli (University of Zurich and fRDB)
Discussant: Vittorio Bassi (University of Southern California and fRDB)