XVIII RDB Lecture – Stefano Della Vigna

7 May 2024
h. 5:30pm
Università Bocconi
Room AS01 (floor -2)
Via Roentgen 1


Stefano Della Vigna
(UC Berkeley)



Stefano Della Vigna is an eminent economist who currently holds the prestigious position of Daniel E. Koshland, Sr. Distinguished Professor of Economics and Professor of Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley. Stefano Della Vigna’s research interests span various fields of economics, with particular attention to understanding the behavioral aspects of economic decision-making. His work often lies at the intersection of psychology, economics, and public policy. Stefano Della Vigna is recognized as a prominent figure in the field of behavioral economics, and his research has been widely published in prestigious academic journals.

The Lecture was introduced by Sarah Eichmeyer, Assistant Professor at Bocconi University, specializing in public/health economics and political economy, and discussed by Joachim Vosgerau, Full Professor at Bocconi University and director of BELSS – Experimental Laboratory for the Social Sciences, with research interests in consumer behavior, decision-making processes, and preferences under uncertainty.