Income Inequality and Social Mobility

Income Inequality and Social Mobility

XIX European Conference

27 May 2017


Domus Stella Maris (Via Colle Ameno, 5 – Torrette di Ancona)

The XIX European Conference of the Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti will deal with Income Inequality and Social Mobility and will be held in Ancona on May 27th, 2017.

Carlo De Benedetti (President of Fondazione RDB) and Sauro Longhi (Rector of the Università Politecnica delle Marche) will open the conference.

During the morning session, Alberto Alesina (Harvard University), together with Stefanie Stantcheva and Edoardo Teso both from Harvard University, will present the report “Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution“. The research investigates how beliefs about intergenerational mobility affect preferences for redistribution. The report will be discussed by Kjetil Bjornvatn (Norwegian School of Economics).

A team of experts from The World Bank will present the preliminary results of the Report “Poverty and Shared Prosperity 2017: Economic Mobility across Generations“. In particular, the presentation by Ambar Narayan, Roy Van der WeideAlexandru Cojocaru, Christoph Lakner and Silvia Redaelli will deal with “Inter-generational mobility around the world and its determinants“.  The report will be discussed by Selim Gulesci (Università Bocconi).

In the afternoon, Gianluca Violante (Princeton University) together with Paolo Acciari (Italian Ministry of Finance) and Alberto Polo (New York University) will present the report “‘And Yet, It Moves’: Intergenerational Economic Mobility in Italy“. The report investigates the patterns of intergenerational mobility in Italy.  The report will be discussed by Lorenzo Cappellari (Catholic University of Milan).

After the presentations there will be a final discussion panel, chaired by Francesco Manacorda (La Repubblica). Among participants: Marco Bentivogli (General Secretary FIM-CISL), Marco Bonini (General Secretary Camera del lavoro of Milan) Giuseppe Mascoli (Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Franco Manca) and Antonio Schizzerotto (IRVAPP and University of Trento).

English will be the working language of the three presentations, while the final panel will be held in Italian. In both cases a simoultaneous translation service will be provided.



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Alesina Stantcheva Teso – Paper

Alesina Stantcheva Teso – Sintesi dei risultati

Alesina Stantcheva Teso – Summary of results

Alesina Stantcheva Teso – Presentation

Bjornvatn Discussion of Alesina et al. – Presentation

Violante Acciari Polo – Paper

Violante Acciari Polo – Sintesi dei risultati

Violante Acciari Polo – Summary of results

Violante Acciari Polo – Presentation

Cappellari Discussion of Violante et al. – Presentation

Van der Weide Redaelli – Presentation

Gulesci Discussion of Van der Weide et al. – Presentation


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