Dealing with the New Giants: Rethinking the Role of Pension Funds

Dealing with the New Giants: Rethinking the Role of Pension Funds

8th Geneva Report of the World Economy

July 2006

Tito Boeri, Lans Bovenberg, Benoit Coeuré and Andrew Roberts

ICMB International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies, Geneva and CEPR, London

Pension funds are becoming the largest institutional investors in global financial markets. They help individuals save for their old age and protect the value of their pensions. In so far as they improve risk sharing along time and across individuals, pension funds may also support innovation and growth in the economy. However, pension funds operate in an environment characterised by a number of serious market imperfections (poor financial education of investors and managers, informational asymmetries in the delegation of saving and portfolio management decisions, imperfect labour markets, and potential supply versus demand imbalances in financial markets).
This eighth ICMB/CEPR Geneva Report on the World Economy takes a stance on a number of controversial issues concerning the future of pension funds.


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