Perché gli italiani si sentono più poveri?

Perché gli italiani si sentono più poveri?

February 2005

Tito Boeri and Andrea Brandolini

Italians feel poorer and they are pessimists about their economic situation and the one of their own country.
Nevertheless, looking at the available statistics, we do not actually see a real impoverishment of the Italian population. The number of people below poverty threshold has not risen. Unlike what happened at the beginning of the 90s, nowadays income inequality has not increased. So why do Italians feel poorer?

On this book we try to understand the reasons of this widespead feeling. We look at the falling expectations because of the Italian macroeconomic decline. We study the horizontal inequality between employees and self-employed workers. Finally, we analyze the increasing income volatility and labour instability.

The book is in Italian. More details are available in the attachments.