Structural Reforms without Prejudices

Structural Reforms without Prejudices

July 2006

Tito Boeri, Micael Castanheira, Riccardo Faini and Vincenzo Galasso

Oxford University Press

Our economies face constant challenges from many different directions. Structural reforms are implemented every day, either to grasp the benefits of globalisation and technological change, or to avoid foundering on unaffordable welfare systems or the rise of new economies.
Despite this flurry of reforms, many of their effects are insufficiently understood. What makes reforms a success or a failure? Why do we witness systematically ambivalent attitudes to reforms? can governments implement reforms differntly, without inflcting prejudice to large fringes of the population?



The two studies that make up this volume were originally prepared for the VI European Conference of the Fondazione Ing. Rodolfo Debenedetti, which was held in Lecce in June 2004.

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