The Ruling Class

The Ruling Class

October 2010

Edited by Tito Boeri, Antonio Merlo and Andrea Prat

Oxford University Press

The book which collects the reports of the X European Conference has been recently published by Oxford University Press with the title “The Ruling Class. Management and Politics in Modern Italy”. The Conference was held in Gaeta in May 2008. This original contribution, which highlights the strong link between politics and business in Italy, deepens hot and interesting topics such as élites’ selction mechanisms, politicians’ incentives and incomes. Oriana Bandiera, Vincenzo Galasso, Luigi Guiso, Massimiliano Landi, Andrea Mattozzi and Raffaella Sadun are the authors of the reports. Giuliano Amato, Vittorio Colao, Lucrezia Reichelin and Luigi Zingales discuss their contributions.The book will be presented in Rome on October 15th at Camera dei Deputati (the programme of the event can be downloaded here) in occasion of the event “Il volume della democrazia”.The Italian version of the book, entitled “Classe dirigente. L’intreccio tra businnes e politica”, was recently published by Università Bocconi Editore.

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