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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

The Economics of Imperfect Labor Markets

Second Edition Dataset

21 July 2014



Available Datasets:

  •  Ashenfelter and Rouse (1998)—Box 8,2  

  •  Bertrand and Mullainathan (2004)—Chapter 4  

  •  Boeri and Jimeno (2005)—Box 10,4  

  •  Booth and Leigh (2010)—Chapter 4  

  •  Bratberg, Holmÿas, and Thogerson (2004)—Box 6,3  

  •  Card and Krueger (1994)—Box 2,2  

  •  Carlsson and Rooth (2007)—Chapter 4  

  •  Lalive et al. (2006)—Box 11,6  

  •  Montizaan et al. (2010)—Box 8,6  

  •  Naz (2004)—Box 7,2  

  •  Oreopoulos (2006)—Box 8,3  

  •  Piketty (1998)—Box 7,1  

  •  Schnalzenberger and Winter-Ebmer (2009)—Box 6,5  

  •  van Ours and Vodopivec (2006)—Box 11,5  

  •  Estimating the Union Wage Gap—Box 3,2  

  •  Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition—Box 4,1  

  •  Estimating the Matching Function—Box 12,1  


Notice that, for illustrative purposes, the dofile used by the authors of the article is provided whenever available.

Yet, some of the commands may be obsolete and dofiles may require slight modifications to run.