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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

16 July 2020

The new hazardous jobs and worker reallocation

Data used in the paper "The new hazardous jobs and worker reallocation" by Gaetano Basso, Tito Boeri, Alessandro Caiumi and Marco Paccagnella.

Gaetano Basso, Tito Boeri, Alessandro Caiumi, Marco Paccagnella

7 July 2010

The Political Economy of Flexicurity

Data on employment protection legislation

Tito Boeri, Vincenzo Galasso

17 May 2010

fRDB-IZA Social Reforms Database

New (preliminary) version available

1 February 2010

fRDB-IMF Labour Institutions Database (1980-2005)

fRDB-IMF project

Mariya Aleksynska

19 May 2009

The Citizenship Laws Dataset

World citizenship laws (1948, 1975, 2001)

Graziella Bertocchi, Chiara Strozzi

23 April 2009

Inventory of migration policies (1990-2005)

Reforms and index on strictness of migration policy

10 January 2005

Labour, Capital and Consumption Taxes

Dataset on unemployment, growth and taxation in industrial countries

Francesco Daveri, Guido Tabellini

6 February 2003

FRDB Political Istitutions Database

Political indicators and electoral results for Western European countries

Fabrizio Carmignani

5 February 2003

Unesco Enrolment Rates

Data on primary and secondary education


5 February 2003

OECD Labour Market Institutions

Indicators of labour market institutions in OECD countries