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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

The Rodolfo Debenedetti Lectures are public lectures by leading scholars on cutting edge topics of the economic research. The main purpose of these events is to present to a non-technical readership new and evolving research on topics, such as:

  • the implications of the ageing of populations;

  • long-term trends in income distribution;

  • the changing size and composition of welfare states in an integrated Europe;

  • labour market reforms and the transitions across employment, unemployment and inactivity, as well as the spread of temporary work;

  • international and regional migration;

  • the future of trade unions and collective bargaining;

  • the political economy of social welfare reform.

13 January 2021

XIV RDB Lecture - Dani Rodrik

The Good Jobs Problem and Updating the Welfare State

April 28th, 2021, 3pm

3 May 2018

Economic and Political Consequences of China’s Rise: Lessons from the China Shock

XII Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Lecturer: David Autor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
15 October 2015

Demographics and Business Formation

X Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Edward Lazear (Stanford University)
15 October 2014

Poverty, the Safety Net and the Great Recession

IX Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Hillary Hoynes (UC Berkeley)
30 September 2013

The New Geography of Jobs

VIII Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Enrico Moretti (UC Berkeley)
11 December 2012

Top Incomes throughout the Great Recession

VII Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley)
10 October 2011


VI Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

John Van Reenen (London School of Economics)
16 March 2006

Earnings Dispersion in OECD Countries: A Simple Race between Supply and Demand?

V Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Anthony B. Atkinson (Nuffield College, Oxford)
18 March 2005

The Meaning of Legal Origin

IV Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Andrei Shleifer (Harvard University)
28 May 2004

Inequality, Efficiency and the Rule of Law

III Rodolfo DeBenedetti Lecture, Milan

Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)