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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

May 2008

The Labor Market of Italian Politicians

Report for the X European Conference

Antonio Merlo, Vincenzo Galasso, Massimiliano Landi and Andrea Mattozzi

April 2008

Working Hours and Job Sharing in the EU and USA

Edited by Tito Boeri, Michael C. Burda and Francis Kramarz

Oxford University Press

October 2007

Come sta cambiando l'Italia

a cura di Richard Baldwin, Giorgio Barba Navaretti and Tito Boeri

Il Mulino

October 2007

Contro i giovani. Come l'Italia sta tradendo le nuove generazioni

Tito Boeri and Vincenzo Galasso


May 2007

Health Expenditures, Longevity and Growth

Report for the IX European Conference

Brigitte Dormont, Joaquim Oliveira Martins, Florian Pelegrin, Marc Suhrcke

May 2007

Education and Training in Europe

Edited by Giorgio Brunello, Pietro Garibaldi and Etienne Wasmer

Oxford University Press

March 2007

Total Work, Gender and Social Norms

Michael C. Burda, Daniel S. Hamermesh, Philippe Weil

NBER Working Paper No. 13000

January 2007

The Mismatch between Employment and Child Care in Italy: The Impact of Rationing

Daniela Del Boca and Daniela Vuri

Population Economics, Vol. 20(4), pp. 805-832

July 2006

Dealing with the New Giants: Rethinking the Role of Pension Funds

8th Geneva Report of the World Economy

Tito Boeri, Lans Bovenberg, Benoit Coeuré and Andrew Roberts

ICMB International Center for Monetary and Banking Studies, Geneva and CEPR, London

July 2006

Pensions: More Information, Less Ideology

Tito Boeri, Axel Boersch-Supan, Agar Brugiavini, Richard Disney, Arie Kapteyn and Franco Peracchi

Kluwer Academic Publishers