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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti


12 June 2015

MILLS Workshop 2015

Mobility and Consumption


7 June 2015

Poletti: Precariato errore drammatico, risaniamo

La Repubblica


6 June 2015

Health and Work Safety

XVII European Conference


June 2015

Temporary Jobs and Workplace Safety

Report for the XVII European Conference

Jan van Ours, Ali Palali and Matteo Picchio


5 June 2015

fRDB Fellows and Affiliates Workshop

Fifth Edition, Bologna


May 2015

Immigration Enforcement and Crime

Paolo Pinotti

American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings), Vol. 105(5), pp. 205-09


21 April 2015

A Minimum Wage for Italy?


4 March 2015

INPS Data: Veneto Workers Histories (VWH)

Dataset from INPS administrative archives

Giuseppe Tattara