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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti


22 June 2013

Legal and Illegal Careers

XV European Conference


22 June 2013

Immigrati: solo gli irregolari commettono più reati

La Repubblica


June 2013

Immigration Policy and Crime

XV European Conference, Caserta

Ludovica Gazzè, Francesco Fasani, Paolo Pinotti, Marco Tonello


June 2013

Immigration Policy and Crime

Report for the XV European Conference

Ludovica Gazzè, Francesco Fasani, Paolo Pinotti e Marco Tonello


May 2013

Brain Drain and Brain Gain. The Global Competition to Attract High-Skilled Migrants

Edited by Tito Boeri, Herbert Brücker, Frédéric Doquier, and Hillel Rapoport

Oxford University Press


17 April 2013

racCONTAMI 2013

Second Census of Homeless People in Milan


26 July 2012

Immigration in OECD Countries: Selecting and Integrating Skilled Migrants

Second OECD-CEPII-fRDB Annual Conference, call for papers


November 2011

The Integration of Migrants and its Effects on the Labour Market

Study for the European Parliament

Werner Eichhorst et al.


20 December 2010

Processes of Immigrants' Assimilation


9 April 2010

The Active Inclusion of Migrants in Italy and in the European Union

fRDB - IZA - Università Bocconi Joint Workshop