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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti


June 2002

Immigration Policy and the Welfare System

Edited by Tito Boeri, Gordon Hanson and Barry McCormick

Oxford University Press


23 June 2001

Immigration Policy and the Welfare State

III European Conference


June 2001

Managing Migration in the European Welfare State

Report for the III European Conference

Herbert Bruecker, Gil S. Epstein, Barry McCormick, Gilles Saint-Paul, Alessandra Venturini and Klaus Zimmermann


June 2001

Immigration and the US Economy: Labor-Market Impacts, Illegal Entry and Policy Choices

Report for the III European Conference

Gordon H. Hanson, Kenneth F. Schieve, Matthiew J. Slaughter and Antonio Spilimbergo

21 May 2000

The Impact of Eastern Enlargement and Labour Markets in the EU Member States

Authors: Heike Belitz, Giuseppe Bertola, Tito Boeri, Fabian Bornhorst, Herbert Brücker, Michael Burda, Fabrizio Coricelli, Juan Dolado, Per-Anders Edin, Michael Fertig, Peter Fredriksson, Helmut Hofer, Elmar Hönekopp, Peter Huber, Juan Jimeno, Janos Köllö, Michaela Kreyenfeld, Martina Lubyova, Per Lundborg, Mattia Makovec, Uta Möbius, Daniel Munich, Richard Portes, Daniel Roulstone, Gilles Saint-Paul, Wolfram Schrettl, Jörg Schräpler, Dieter Schumacher and Parvati Trübswetter

European Commission