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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti

fRDB Fellows and Affiliates Workshop

Eighth Edition, Pavia

25 May 2018

Reading Room
Economics Department
University of Pavia
Via S.Felice al Monastero

Morning Session

Chair:  Marta De Philippis (Bank of Italy and fRDB)

9:45-10:40           The Labor Market Determinants of the Payoffs to University: Field of Study
Presenter:  Massimo Anelli (Università Bocconi and fRDB) 
                            Discussant:  Lorenzo Cappellari (Catholic University of Milan and fRDB)

10:40-11:35       Chinese Zodiac and Elementary School Achievement in California
Presenter:  Simone Ferro (Queen Mary University of London and fRDB)
                          Discussant:  Michele Pellizzari (University of Geneva and fRDB)


11:35-11:55       COFFEE BREAK


11:55-12:50       Marginal Deterrence at Work
Presenter:  Rosario Crinò (Catholic University of Milan and fRDB)
                          Discussant: Elisa Facchetti (Queen Mary University of London and fRDB)             


12:50-14:00       LUNCH


Afternoon session

Chair:  Gaetano Basso (Bank of Italy and fRDB)

14:00-14:55        Inspiring women: Experimental evidence on sharing entrepreneurial skills in Uganda
Presenter:  Gaia Narciso (Trinity College Dublin and fRDB)
                           Discussant:  Carolina Castagnetti (University of Pavia)

14:55-15:50       Marginal Entrepreneurs
Presenter:  Davide Malacrino (IMF and fRDB) 
                          Discussant:  Giacomo De Giorgi (University of Geneva and fRDB)


15:50-16:10       COFFEE BREAK


16:10-17:05       The Impact of Border Policies on Migration Flows: Evidence from the EU Refugee Crisis
Presenter:  Francesco Fasani (Queen Mary University of London and fRDB) 
                          Discussant:  Giovanni Abbiati (Fondazione RODOLFO DEBENEDETTI)

17:05-18:00       Childhood socio-economic status moderates genetic predisposition for peak smoking
Presenter:  Pietro Biroli (University of Zurich and fRDB) 
                          Discussant:  Chiara Serra (EUI and fRDB)