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FRDB Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti


26 June 2014

Stipendi, l'Italia rovesciata, il Sud più ricco del Nord

Corriere della Sera


24 June 2014

Tremila barboni vivono all'ombra del Colosseo

Il Tempo - Roma


6 June 2014

MILLS Workshop 2014

Inequalities in the Long Run: Education, Jobs, Income and Wealth


May 2014

Longer-term Consequences of the Great Recession on the Lives of Europeans

Edited by Agar Brugiavini e Guglielmo Weber

Oxford University Press


5 February 2014

Tito Boeri

3° Forum delle Politiche Sociali organized by Comune di Milano


December 2013

The Economic Value of College Major Choice

Massimo Anelli, Giovanni Peri


30 September 2013

The New Geography of Jobs

VIII Rodolfo Debenedetti Lecture, Milan

Enrico Moretti (UC Berkeley)


18 July 2013

IZA Prize 2013

Daniel Hamermesh


June 2013

Combining the Entry of Young People in the Labour Market with the Retention of Older Workers

Study for the European Parliament

Werner Eichhorst et al.