Come sta cambiando l’Italia

Come sta cambiando l’Italia

ottobre 2007

a cura di Richard Baldwin, Giorgio Barba Navaretti and Tito Boeri

Il Mulino

The Fondazione Debenedetti is glad to announce the publication of the book “Come sta cambiando l´Italia”, edited by Baldwin R., G. Barba Navaretti and T. Boeri. The book is in memory of Prof. Riccardo Faini.

The book looks at specialization changes in the European productive environment. Moreover, it aims at identifying in which sectors the Italian productive specialization has improved and in which it has not, with particular attention at economic variables that may encourage a valid specialization process. Finally, the book assesses how to enforce an appropriate unemployment benefit system in the Italian environment (taking into account all the issues regarding the Italian labour market, such as shadow and temporary employment, public administration inefficiencies and critical budget constraints).

The two studies that make up this volume were originally prepared for the fRDB Conference “Italy’s Advantages“, which was held in Rome in March 2007.

The book is only available in Italian.

Presentations of the volume by the authors during the following events:

  • Round Table “Le imprese e i mercati internazionali. Quali lezioni di politica economica?”
    Giorgio Barba Navaretti
    21 February 2008, h. 17.00
    Università Statale di Milano
    Sala Napoleonica, Palazzo Greppi
    Via Sant´Antonio 12, Milan
  • Bank of Italy Internal Seminar “Come sta cambiando l´Italia”
    (only open to internal staff)
    Presentations by Tito Boeri and Giorgio Barba Navaretti
    9 April 2008, h. 11.00-13.00
    Bank of Italy
    Via Nazionale 91