Workshop MILLS 2010

MILLS Workshop 2010

Structural vs. Non-Structural Approaches to the Economics of Education

7 June 2010

“Structural vs. Non-Structural Approaches to the Economics of Education”

Monday, June 7th

Economics Department, University of Milan – Bicocca
Sala del Consiglio di Facoltà – Building U7 IVth floor
Piazza dell’Ateneo Nuovo, 1 – Milan


The one-day workshop concludes the MILLS seminars that this year counted 8 events. It was held on June 7th at Università Bicocca, Sala del Consiglio di Facoltà. This year the main theme is the economics of education. Four young economists present their papers tackling the topic in very different ways. The speakers were:

Christian Belzil (École Polytechnique): “Pre-Intervention vs Post-Intervention randomization and the Estimation of Returns to Schooling” (keynote speech)


Daniele Fabbri (Università di Bologna): Year of Schooling, Human Capital and the BMI of European Females

Kelly Foley (Copenhagen Business School): Ability, Parental Valuation of Education and the High School Dropout Decision

Katja Kaufmann (Università Bocconi): “Educational Choices and Subjective Expectations of Returns to Schooling: Evidence on Intra-household Decisions and Gender Differences


The final programme of the event can be downloaded here.